Amazing views, challenging trails,
heart-stopping climbs
— bucket list material!

Trolltunga (the Troll’s Tongue)

Trolltunga is one of the most popular destinations in Norway, and it has seen an enormous upswing in visits the last few years. Since the season for going there is limited, the many visitors are all going in the same few weeks between June and September.

We found out that the optimum day of going was the day after rain, and the day before a sunny day forecast! It was just a lucky draw for us, hikes like this are often planned and booked weeks ahead of time. Our guide told us that people before us had been drenched, and also waited in line for a long time, and that others on sunny, dry days would wait for up to two hours.

Prekestolen (the Preacher’s Pulpit)

Maybe better known than Trolltunga, Prekestolen is a little more accessible for regular people’s hiking abilities (but still challenging). Its bold features have been admired for generations, and most recently in Mission Impossible: Fallout where Tom Cruise famously dangles over the abyss…

Kjerag (the Kjerag Bolt)

The Kjerag Bolt is an absolute favorite of mine. The out and back hike is hard and beautiful, and it’s exhilarating and dizzying to walk out on the Bolt. To tell the truth, I crawled…

4444 steps at Flørli

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There are people who run stairs for exercise. In many cities, it’s a popular way to work out, like in San Francisco’s Lyon street stairs. But in the minuscule community of Flørli, which now only has a few summer cabins and serves as base camp for outdoor adventures, stair running has been brought to a different level!

There are several competitions involving climbing these 4444 steps, in RockMan Swimrun the Stairs are just one element of the trials… As for Lysefjord Running, they organize yearly races up the hill!

We brought hiking poles and boots, and we didn’t run. Some of us had longer and stronger legs and made it up faster than others, but it was a real workout for all of us. There were reminders from the race a few days before, encouraging us too in our quest to reach the top!

On the way up, we met a few backpackers who were carrying their entire travel kit on their back. Conveniently, there were several stopping/meeting places along the way so anyone could sit down for a breather.

Vidden (between Fløyen and Ulriken in Bergen)

A popular 15 km hike for enthusiasts living in or visiting Bergen, providing plenty of views and trail challenges!

We chose to hike this trail starting from Fløyen because we wanted to end it at Ulriken where we had a dinner reservation at the top of the mountain.

There’s a good argument for starting at Ulriken and ending at Fløyen, and most blogs and reviews I’ve seen show this. If I were to do it again, I probably would… because the trail degrades rather rapidly after leaving the civilized Fløyen and with more uphill at the end.

I still highly recommend dining at Skyskraperen Restaurant, the views can’t be beat (as long as it’s not raining which it often does) but best of all, the food is excellent. The prix fix menu makes it easy to chose, and the online reservation is super easy. And afterward, simply catch the Ulriken cable car that zips you back to town.

Urban hike in Stavanger

Stavanger is a fairly flat city, and very walkable. Taking a stroll in the old city with its cobblestone paved streets and small white houses is very enjoyable!

Urban hike in Bergen

A popular short and quick hike in Bergen that kicks ass is to hike uphill from center of Bergen to Fløyen. It’s less than an hour but it’s all rather steep! Get a map or directions before starting out, you’ll find hairpin roads snaking up the hill and occasional stairs, with views onto people’s houses and terraced gardens.