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Puerto Rico, mi bella isla

Did you know that Puerto Rico is about as big as Yellowstone National Park, or Corsica, or Cyprus? With its 2.8 million inhabitants it's comparable to Lithuania, Qatar, and Jamaica! Let me share some pictures from around this beautiful island, from beach to beach, jungle to mountain, rain forest to dry forests.

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Exciting hikes in Norway

Amazing views, challenging trails, heart-stopping climbs --- bucket list material! Trolltunga (the Troll's Tongue) Trolltunga is one of the most popular destinations in Norway, and it has seen an enormous upswing in visits the last few years. Since the season for going there is limited, the many visitors are all going in the same few weeks between June and September.…

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Sunset in Puerto Rico

Street photography on the beach in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a 700 km (435 miles) long coastline, including adjacent islands Vieques and Culebra. Most of this is beach, and all of it is beautiful! So can I do "street photography" when it's not on the street or in a city setting? I will argue that for many of the walkers and joggers I meet, the beach is…

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Belgium in Spring

Belgium in spring is a beautiful thing

On a journey through Belgium discovering beautiful nature, medieval towns, old and living history! The serenity of a Belgian forest Spring has different expressions all over the world, and I was lucky to experience the Belgian version of this yearly phenomenon. I arrived at the end of the flowering of the blue hyacinths, and although they were starting to fade,…

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Glowing beauty in the dark

The Magic Experience of the Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico Imagine this: You are in a small boat gently tugged by slow waves, you feel the mild wind on your skin. It's a dark night a couple of hours after sunset, and you just stepped into this boat with your friends. It's a new moon night, you picked the best…

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Hello world!

Sunrise in Norway And the beginning to this blog and my collections of photos!

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