Belgium in Spring

Belgium in spring is a beautiful thing

On a journey through Belgium discovering beautiful nature, medieval towns, old and living history! The serenity of a Belgian forest Spring has different expressions all over the world, and I was lucky to experience the Belgian version of this yearly phenomenon. I arrived at the end of the flowering of the blue hyacinths, and although they were starting to fade,…

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Glowing beauty in the dark

The Magic Experience of the Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico Imagine this: You are in a small boat gently tugged by slow waves, you feel the mild wind on your skin. It's a dark night a couple of hours after sunset, and you just stepped into this boat with your friends. It's a new moon night, you picked the best…

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The difference of two lenses

I was interested in seeing the differences that two different lenses could produce; one is a cheap 35mm Fotasy lens and the other a legacy Olympus 50mm. Both were mounted to my Sony a6000 with a simple adapter. Both are manual lenses. The Fotasy, a $30 lens bought in 2016, makes very soft edges wide open at f/1.4, and can…

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Hello world!

Sunrise in Norway And the beginning to this blog and my collections of photos!

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